Why you need Inertial Navigation System with a mobile mapping system

Inertial navigation systems, or INSs, are a critical component of any mobile mapping vehicle. Mapping vehicles rely on INSs to track the vehicle’s position and orientation in order to create accurate maps. Without an INS, it would be impossible to accurately map out large areas.

INSs use a combination of sensors to track the vehicle’s movement. These sensors include gyroscopes and accelerometers, which measure rotation and acceleration respectively. By tracking these movements, the INS can calculate the vehicle’s current position and orientation.

This information is used by mapping software to create maps that are accurate down to the centimeter level. Without an INS, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to produce such accurate maps. So why is an INS such an important component of a mobile mapping vehicle? There are several reasons. First, an INS allows the vehicle to maintain its position and orientation even in difficult terrain. This is important for creating maps of rugged areas, such as mountains or forests. An INS ensures that the map data is accurate, regardless of the conditions on the ground.

Second, an INS helps to reduce errors in map data. Mapping vehicles often travel at high speeds, which can cause errors in the map data if it is not corrected. An INS helps to correct these errors, resulting in more accurate maps.

Finally, an INS can help to avoid collisions. When traveling at high speeds, it is easy for a mapping vehicle to lose track of its surroundings. An INS can help the vehicle to avoid obstacles and maintain a safe distance from other objects.

In short, an INS is a vital component of any mobile mapping vehicle. Without an ins, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to create accurate maps. So if you’re looking for a mobile mapping vehicle, be sure to choose one with a good ins system.

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