Forestry Environmental Assessment with lidar survey

Forestry environmental assessment with aerial lidar survey is a process that is used to identify and understand the impacts of forestry activities on the environment. This type of assessment can be used to help manage forests in a more sustainable way, and can also help to protect habitats and ecosystems. In this blog post, we will discuss what Aerial lidar is and how it is used in environmental assessments. We will also talk about the benefits of using lidar surveys for forestry purposes.

Lidar is a remote sensing technology that uses laser pulses to measure distance. Lidar can be used to create three-dimensional (D) models of the earth’s surface, and can also be used to measure the height of trees. Lidar surveys are often used in forestry environmental assessments because they provide accurate and detailed information about the landscape.

There are many benefits of using Aerial lidar surveys for forestry environmental assessment. Lidar can be used to map forested areas, identify potential impacts of forestry activities on the environment, and assess the condition of forests. Lidar surveys are also helpful in planning future forestry operations and in monitoring the effects of current forestry activities.

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