There is a lot of infrastructure beneath our feet that we take for granted – the pipes and cables that bring us water, natural gas, and electricity. Sometimes, these utilities need to be relocated or upgraded, and that’s where lidar comes in. Lidar technology can quickly and accurately map out utility infrastructure, allowing utility companies to planning updates or repairs with pinpoint accuracy.

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Corridor Mapping

This enables engineers working on the project, for example those involved in building or maintaining roads and bridges among other things can use these scans when they are planning their work.”

Terrain Modelling

Ability to measure vertical surfaces being particularly useful for this job. It offers a more accurate reading than traditional methods and can even create 3D models from these data which will allow engineers access areas that would otherwise go unnoticed due to obstruction by trees or buildings

Digital Surface Model

We can map out any area’s architecture in 3D. The technology has countless uses for infrastructure like power lines and pipes that are essential to our day-to-day lives but often hard (or even impossible) top see without this amazing new tech!

Clearance Management

Lidar has been used to create 3D models of utility infrastructure, which can be used in Clearance Management.

Vegetation Management

Map out your utility infrastructure. It’s useful for things like vegetation management, where you need detailed information about how much wood or power lines are being used up by trees in order make sure they don’t cause any accidents

Gathering Inventory

Measures distance and angles between two points in space with great accuracy allowing us to map out areas where there may be potential interruptions or other problems.

Modelling Overhead Lines

Lidar is a powerful tool for modelling overhead lines. It takes thousands of measurements from different angles to create accurate models that show where power surges might happen or what could go wrong with your wiring system, before they become an issue!

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