Lidar technology is revolutionizing the way we map and survey our infrastructure. Lidar can rapidly scan an area, creating a detailed 3-D model of the environment. This technology is perfect for surveying roads, bridges, and other large infrastructure projects. With lidar, construction crews can get an accurate picture of the existing terrain, ensuring that new projects are built safely and accurately. Thanks to lidar, we can now build smarter, better infrastructure projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Inventory & Inspection Assets

Quickly and accurately measure the size of your infrastructure inventory. The technology has proven to be an effective way for companies in industries such as construction or architectural inspections

Highway Mapping

Highway Mapping using Lidar is an increasingly popular way to create high-quality, accurate 3D models of our country’s roads.

Pavement Management

Potholes and cracks in the pavement are noticeable by both drivers who drive over them every day as well as city employees that remove these imperfections from roads.

Construction Information

A powerful tool for construction planners, as it provides them with information about where to place concrete or steel beams. It can also be used in infrastructure such as roadways and buildings so that the best possible route(s) may become evident during planning stages

Measurement Calculations

Measure how tall buildings are but also map out everything below them with incredible accuracy – including all sortsa things like pipes and wires!

Permitting, Reporting & Mapping

Infrastructure permitting, reporting and mapping has been increasing over the years. This technique provides 3D data that helps plan for future development while also helping to measure how well current projects are going as they’re happening right now!

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