Lidar technology is revolutionizing the way environmental research is conducted. Lidar surveys can provide high resolution data about the earth’s surface, which can be used to track changes in land elevation and vegetation. This information can be used to help manage natural resources and protect against environmental hazards. Lidar surveys are also being used to help plan infrastructure projects and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Monitoring Environmental Change

It provides high-resolution measurements of height above sea level and other physical features like mountainsides with laser scanners to generate imagery every week!

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Geological History Analysis

Studies in the field such as one example would be how it was used by geologists during volcanic activity to create 3D models providing insights into what happened at different points before and after an event.

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Studying Forestry, Coastlines, Etc

Lidar is a powerful tool that can be used to study environmental issues like forestry, coastlines and more.

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Biomass Measurements

Lidar is a powerful way to study the environment. The technology can be used for research on everything from biomass measurements, water quality and temperature trends all with pinpoint accuracy!

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Terrain Modelling

The use of lidar in Terrain Modelling makes it possible to map out terrain with accuracy and provide 3D models for designers who need accurate scale drawings.

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Measuring Canopy & Vegetation

Measuring canopy and vegetation coverage. It can be used in environmental research to measure how much of the land has been covered by trees or other plants, as well as what types these are!

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