In the days following a natural disaster, it is important for emergency responders and government officials to have an accurate assessment of the damage. This is where lidar surveys come in. Lidar surveys use laser technology to create detailed 3D images of an area, which can help officials determine what areas need assistance and how much damage has been done.

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Debris Assessment

Lidar is a highly accurate way to measure the distribution of debris in an area. This information can then be used for disaster management, assessing whether or not it will rain and other important factors that affect our daily lives!

Emergency Response Decisions

Providing accurate measurements of terrain, vegetation and structure that can be used to make decisions during emergency response or routine inspections for safety reasons

Ground Level Assessment

Disaster management assesses the ground level, which is an important step for assessing any damages caused by natural disasters or human-made emergencies.

Disaster Relief

measure and map out the earth’s surface in order for humanitarian agencies can distribute aid more efficiently, ensuring victims have what they need when their homes are destroyed or damaged by natural disasters like hurricanes


Assessing Damage

that can be used for measuring the distance and surface of an object. It was originally created as part of disaster management, but it’s also often utilized in assessing damage after natural disasters.


Inspecting Roads

Identifying roadways that may need maintenance or repair, as well as spots where there are potential hazards like cracks in pavement and potholes

Mapping The Future

Imagine the future, where you can measure exactly how much damage has been done to your home after a natural disaster. With Lidar technology this will be possible!

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Disaster Assessment

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