Lidar surveys are being used more and more for development planning. With the increased accuracy they provide, lidar surveys are able to help planners create better, more efficient developments.

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Digital Surface Modelling

Lidar is a powerful tool that can be used for development planning and Digital Surface Modelling. Development planners use this data to create 3D models of areas they are interested in, so it’s important not only has the right information but also how you enter into your computer or phone needs attention!

Change Detection

Lidar has been used for development planning to identify changes in land use. The technology creates detailed surveys of landscapes, which can be analyzed and monitored over time as well as compared across different geographical locations or seasons for insights into how it is changing due environmental factors like weather patterns

Mapping Of Buildings

Lidar offers a revolutionary way for planners and architects to make better maps of buildings before they’re even built. This allows them take the most accurate measurements possible, which in turn leads to more efficient planning processes as well as happier clients!

Surface Terrain Mapping

Lidar is a great way to create 3D maps of our surroundings. The technology has been used in development planning, Surface Terrain Mapping for buildings or infrastructure projects like pavements with exceptional accuracy!

Urban Planning

Lidar is used in the development planning process to create a detailed map of an area. The data collected from this technique can help planners make decisions about what kinds or buildings should go where, how much space each one takes up within its own neighborhood as well as surrounding neighborhoods and cities-at large!

Disaster Management

It provides three-dimensional images of Earth’s surface, which can be used for everything from simulating how soil might react after an earthquake or maps showing where there are hot spots related to climate change throughout various areas so people know what they need most urgently in terms lifesaving information about their surroundings before it’s too late

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