Lidar surveys are an important tool for civil engineers. They allow engineers to create a three-dimensional map of an area, which is helpful for planning and designing projects. Lidar surveys can be used to map everything from the topography of an area to the location of utility lines. Thanks to lidar technology, civil engineering projects can be completed more efficiently and effectively.

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Elevation Modelling

Lidar has been used to model the elevation of civil engineering structures. It can be combined with Photogrammetry for 3D modeling and surveying, making it an excellent tool in assessing building resilience against earthquakes or other natural disasters that could happen at any time!

Ecological Land & Classifications

Lidar is a powerful new way to measure and map the earth’s landscapes. It gives us access details on everything from ecological land classifications all of environmental changes that have happened over time, which can help with future decisions about how we need or want develop certain areas in our world today!

Exploring Quarries & Mineral Areas

Lidar is a revolutionary way to map out the mineral wealth of our planet. It has been used in countless ways, from exploring forgotten Quarries and Mineral Areas all over Earth’s surface; right down beneath its ground level so we can have accurate data on what lies beneath!

Recording Of Buildings

Lidar is a powerful tool for measuring and mapping the earth’s surface, especially in buildings. It can be used to create accurate 3D models that will help architects design better structures with less waste or even make repairs before anyone gets hurt!



Lidar is a cost-effective and accurate way to survey large areas. It’s being used in civil engineering projects like building codes, which require precise measurements of buildings’ heights or distances from one another; this technology has even allowed architects who work with 3D render applications on their computers!

Sewer & Manhole Survey

Lidar is an invaluable tool for civil engineers. It has been used in the field of sewer; manhole surveys to create accurate 3D models that can be utilized when renovating or constructing new infrastructure

Tunnel Surveying

Lidar is a powerful tool for tunnel engineers to use when surveying their work. The lasers measure the distance between two points and then produce an accurate three-dimensional map of all surrounding areas, making it easier than ever before in determining if there are any problems along this section or not!

City Assessment

Lidar has many uses in civil engineering, such as City Assessment. It is an extremely powerful way to map out buildings and roads with incredible accuracy so that they can be maintained or improved upon if needed!

Architecture Assessment

Lidar is a powerful new tool that allows architects and engineers to capture 3D images of buildings, roadsides or other infrastructure in order for them make informed design decisions.

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