Lidar mapping technology is growing more and more popular in the agriculture industry. Especially because lidar can be used to produce high-resolution 3D maps of crops, fields, and other features of the landscape. This data can help farmers make better decisions about planting, irrigation, and harvesting. In addition, lidar can also be used to create land use models that show how different agricultural practices impact the environment. For example, a recent study found that using lidar to map agroforestry systems (a system where trees are grown in close proximity to crops) led to significant reductions in soil erosion rates.

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3D Modelling

Lidar is a key tool in 3D Modelling for agriculture land. The information it provides can help farmers make better decisions about their next course of action, whether that’s planting more crops or clearing out fallen debris from last year’s harvest season

Agriculture Planning & Management

Lidar is a great tool for farmers to use in order plan out their crops and fields. The data captured by this technique can help them make better decisions about when it’s time harvest, which will ultimately lead towards more profitable harvests!

Land Management

The data collected by this form of remote sensing can help farmers manage land more effectively and make informed decisions about what types or uses they put their resources into, which will increase its productivity as well!

Yield Forecasting

Lidar is an incredible tool for agriculture. It allows farmers to make accurate forecasts about the yield of their fields, which means they can plant more confidently and with less risk than ever before!

Prevention Of Soil Erosion

Lidar is an incredible tool for soil erosion control. The data collected by this technology can be used to map out areas at risk of turning into desert, find communities that are most in need water supplies and drainage systems as well provide accurate measurements


Land Segmentation

Lidar is a powerful tool that can be used to map out the surface of entire fields, providing accurate measurements and data for farmers who need it.

Crop Analysis

Lidar is an incredibly powerful tool for analyzing agriculture crops. It can help farmers make better decisions about their planting, fertilization and harvesting techniques so that they produce higher yields with less input!

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