LidarUSA offering lidar systems in Europe

LidarUSA creates lidar systems for aerial survey and mobile mapping, our lidar systems are sold worldwide. Our team of lidar survey specialists create innovative, and affordable solutions lidar survey systems. Jeff Fagerman founded Fagerman Technologies and LiDARUSA in 1999.

We consider software development a particular interest and hardware integration something we excel at. We seek out ways to improve workflows using existing technology in an unconventional way. Recent focus for our company has been on uav—based LIDAR with particular emphasis on building an economical dual use uav and mobile mapping system.

In October 2021 LidarUSA opened its European office in South Germany. Steven Milner is heading up the new European LidarUSA team. Steven has been supporting Sales, Product Management & Marketing roles in the Geospatial industry for over 15 years.

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