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Aerial Lidar Mapping

Aerial lidar mapping is an excellent way to capture data for surveying and engineering projects. It provides a high level of detail and accuracy, and can be used to map everything from small plots of land to large areas. If you’re in need of aerial lidar mapping systems, discover our systems.

Lidar Mobile Mapping

Are you interested with lidar mobile mapping and you’re looking for accurate and efficient way to get the data you need, discover our LidarUSA mobile mapping systems.


Wearable Lidar

Are you interested to conduct a lidar survey in difficult or tight locations which would benefit you using a wearable lidar system? With our wearable device, you can use any of your lidar systems.


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Additional Services & Support

Post-Processing Software

Are you looking for a way to improve your post-processing workflow? If so, then you’ll want to take a look at the software offered by LidarUSA software. 

Point Cloud Software

Once you have collected your data and post-processed, we have advanced point cloud software you can view and edit with ease.


We offer all clients training to collect data and post-process. When you leave us, you are ready to survey. (Either you are a beginner or looking for additional training).


We offer the full solution for aerial surveys. We have selected a top UAV to help you collect data and importantly protect your lidar system during flight and landing.

Lidar Manufactures we support

Our Work Process

Understanding your workflow



You will be surprised how easy to setup our lidar systems and go within minutes.


Within minutes we are ready to scan in the air or land. Our systems are here to give you the best data.

Process Data

Our software is easy to use, from post processing to creating the las/laz file for your point cloud

View/Edit Point Cloud

Our software is simple to use and lets to edit, view and classify your lidar point cloud data with ease.

Lidar Survey Applications

Corridor Mapping

Environmental Research



Land Erosion Monitoring

Utility Infrastructure

Rail Track Surveying

Discover more lidar mapping applications we support: Learn more


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